We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions
1. Is it possible to have MSDS for Paint Markers ?

 Ans. MSDS will be provided along with Paint Markers upon request

 2. Up to what temperature VPL Paint  Markers (VPLMT -6000)   mark withstands?

 Ans.  VPL Paint Markers mark would withstand up to 300 Deg C.   

 3. What are the available colors ?

  Ans. In six color these markers are made available i.e. White , Yellow, Red,   Blue, Green, Black.  Most popular colors are White & Yellow

4. What is thickness of fibre tip?

 Ans.  3mm, this imported tip which will facilitate to draw thin lines or mark or  write on small components

5. Does VPLMT -6000 series contain chlorides? If so what levels ?

 Ans.  The marker fluid contains trace amounts of halogens and low chlorides  (<250 ppm). 

 6. How many marker pens will be packed in one box ?

  Ans.  12 pcs will be packed in one box (for all VPLMT6000 series). 

7. Does these markers contain xylene ?

Ans.  Yes, these markers will have xylene  series. 

8. Is it possible to supply xylene free markers ?

Ans.  Yes, we can

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