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Irreversible Temperature Indicator Labels / Stickers

1. What is Thermolabel?


VPL Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. market the "Temperature Indicator Label/Strip with Thermolabel trade name. These Temperature Labels are also popularly known as Irreversible Temperature Labels /Strips, Thermometer labels. 


2. How accurate Thermolabel is ?


Thermolabel - Irreversible temperature label/strip  would change its colour within 1% of its rated temperature


3. What is the shelf life of Thermolabel ?


1 years from the date of manufacture 


4. Where these thermolabels will be used?


There are numerous applications for Thermolabels. The following industries normally use temperature indicating labels /strips 

  • High voltage switching, Wave soldering
  • Over heat dectection of motor, bearing, cable etc
  • Baking, Dish washing
  • Printed Circuits Boards, Semi conductor cabinets, Solar panels
  • Cating, Moulding, Rubber Extrusion
  • Cooling water radiator, Wind tunnel
  • Warrenty abuse monitors

5. What are the other generic names commonly used for Thermolabels ?

Other common names for thermolabels are - thermometer labels, temperature indicator labels / strips, temperature indicating labels / strips, colour change thrmometer labels / strips , irreversible temperature label, temp strip, temperature sensitve labels,  thermometer label etc.

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