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VPL's Irreversible Temperature Sensing Label

VPL-Label (Temperature Sensing Label / Strip)


A simple, cost effective and accurate temperature measurement can be made using VPL Irreversible temperature sensing strips/labels (VP Label). Temperature strips / labels are also known as thermolabels, temperature indicator strips, temp. stickers/ labels, thermostrips, temperature sensing labels etc.


Application: To monitor the surface temperature of an object, the desired temperature strip should be affixed on to a surface of the object. The white colored circle changes from WHITE to RED colour as soon as the surface of object attains the rated temperature of circle.


Product Features


v      Calibrated at +/-1% accuracy

v      Self Adhesive

v      Oil, water and steam resistant

v      Irreversible colour change

v      Simple, reliable and cost effective


VPL – LABEL / STRIP Selection Chart (from 40 Deg C to 230 Deg C)


Single Dot     : Any temperature



– in Deg C

Double Dot

Three level

Five Level

Six Level

Eight Level







Any combination starting from 40 Deg C to 230 Deg C with different temperature intervals will be supplied.  Customized strips of different shape and colour will also be supplied.




Various applications exist for VPL Labels/Strips. However, these strips are prominently used to determine / monitor surface / operating temperature in


v      High voltage switching, Wave soldering

v      Overheat detection of mortar and Cable etc

v      Baking, Dish washing

v      Printed circuit boards, Semi-conductor cabinets

v      Casting, Moulding, Rubber extruding

v      Cooling water radiator, Wind tunnel

v      Warranty abuse monitor etc


Standard packaging


Single and Double dot   - Sold in units of 500; Three level and above  - Sold in units of 200

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